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Inbox has Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, and Telegram—and we’re rapidly adding new channels.

Create modern experiences Deliver modern support

Agents see the full customer relationship including activities like order information, delivery progress, appointments and bookings— all in one, omnichannel customer thread.


Plug into the tools
you already use

Inbox has integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Jira, and more. You can also build custom connections via HTTP requests or webhooks to provide your agents with all the context they need, in one customer view. Enrich customer profiles with 3rd party data and escalate customer issues to your internal business tools.


Boost agent
efficiency with AI

Use artificial intelligence to detect and translate languages, predict sentiment and intent, identify topics, and see suggested replies.

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Enable calls directly
from your application

Let customers call you from your website or application for free, without additional software or downloads. Automatically retrieve customer profiles and interaction history when an agent receives a call. Plus, Inbox can automatically record and transcribe calls.


Perfect how you
support customers

Customize your setup

Create auto-responses, set business hours, and build custom workflows with Flow Builder.

Optimize your support

Manage agent workload and configure ticket routing based on skill, language, and more.

Learn from your data

Identify your most active channels, measure your performance against SLAs, and track ticket response and handling time.









Unified omnichannel thread

See all messages with a customer in a single thread, across every channel of communication: Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, LINE, and more.

Full communication history

Make your customers feel heard in every interaction with a chronological overview of every conversation, including topic tags and categorization.

Integrations and actions

Insert and view events related to the customer, including issues escalated to different channels, refunds offered, requests made, complaints registered, and any action performed over custom integrations with external services.

Rich media communication

Share more information with your customers and receive more context with messages containing rich media, including images, audio, video, location, documents, and more.

Internal notes

Share internal notes about a customer between agents, keeping the chronology and context intact. Annotate the customer’s sentiment, status or loyalty to your business, making future interactions more relevant.


Trigger notifications or alerts to any channel based on specific messages, keywords, or events.


Create auto-replies with helpful information or provide a response even outside business hours.


Create auto-responses, set business hours, and build custom workflows with Flow Builder.

NPS/CSAT surveys

Gather feedback from your customers after each conversation, improving the quality of your service.


Smart ticket routing

Set up rules that route messages to agents best suited to respond, based on the ticket’s context and agent’s skills.

Business hours

Set up logic that takes business hours into account for ticket routing.


Custom workflows

Create automated communication flows with Flow Builder and incorporate them into conversations in Inbox to reduce manual effort and improve customer satisfaction.

Rule-based tagging

Set rules to automatically tag inquiries based on the recognized topic, powering your smart routing and delivering necessary context to the agent.

Contacts API

Sync contacts from your database or CRM in real time and bring all relevant customer information into your agent’s view, giving them full context without switching between screens.

Conversations API

Access all your messages and tickets programmatically, enabling integrations and interactions with your business application and systems.


Programmatic messaging

Send messages via API on any channel, while maintaining the full customer communication history.

BYO integrations

Build your own custom integrations (with Webhooks or HTTP requests) as part of your customer journey, keeping track of it in your Inbox.

Drag & drop visual builder

Use our intuitive visual interface to drag and drop steps into automated workflows communicating with your backend or any external service, with the option to hand over to a live agent at any point.


Create templates to improve agent efficiency. Get WhatsApp templates approved and initiate conversations with your customers, or re-engage outside the 24-hour WhatsApp session window.


Segment incoming messages into queues based on their topic and language. Assign agents to the queues reflecting their competencies and focus.

Agent skills

Ensure that tickets are handled by the most appropriate agents with skill-based routing. They can be categories, competencies, channel, or language.

Skill-based routing

Route tickets to agents depending on skill level. Create triage logic so when an expert is unavailable, tickets still get addressed by the next best agent.

Ticket segmentation

Segment tickets based on priority, category, language and more.

Workload management

Optimize the distribution of tickets to ensure a balanced workload across the team.

Unified thread

A single conversation thread for a customer across every channel of communication.








Live reports

Monitor your team’s performance in real-time with auto-refreshing, full-screen analytics dashboard.

Average response time

Track the average time your agents take to respond to a ticket, monitoring each channel and queue.

In-app SLAs

Set SLAs for response and handling time per channel and benchmark your real-time performance against them.

Ticket trends

Optimize your scheduling by tracking hourly, daily, and weekly ticket trends.

Average handling time

See the average time your agents take to resolve a ticket, segmented by channel, queue, or agent, within chosen time frame.

Live queues

Get a real time overview of each agent and their current tasks with the time they’ve spent on them. Monitor live activity, time spent per issue and more.

Language recognition

Identify an incoming message’s language and route accordingly.


Converse across language barriers with real-time translations between you and your customer.

Suggested replies

Provide agents with clickable replies based on customer messages.

Sentiment analysis

Recognize customer emotion, take action accordingly, and track improvements over time.

Intent and topic detection

Gain insights into a customer’s needs, segment issues for automation, or escalate to an agent.

Automated bot creation

Inbox learns from frequent issues or requests and generates bots to automate answers.

“Our support team works tirelessly to deliver the best service for customers, regardless of their questions or the way they contact us. It’s refreshing to see an interface that takes the clutter out of omnichannel communication to make things easy and efficient.”

Colin Kreeftenberg

Contact Center Manager

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